Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Can You Find 815?

Aw, man. There's a new Lost webgame and I don't have time to play. Stupid thesis. :(

Looks like it's going to fill in some of the blanks on the search for Flight 815 - maybe we'll actually come to learn how the flight was "found" in a trench with all persons aboard. It also introduces us to another person on the flight: Sonya, one of the flight attendants.

I'm curious to see in what year this game takes place. Remember that the actions of Rachel Blake in The Lost Experience took place in 2006. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe TLE ever explicitly stated whether Flight 815 had been found as Naomi states on the show (and which Penny confirmed to Charlie in the finale). In other words, if the game is canon, it presumably this webgame takes place long before Naomi's crash on the island.

Have any of you guys started playing? It is fun? Interesting?

I've also put up a new poll. Honestly I was kind of shocked that so many people were sad to see Charlie die. But then I thought I may have worded the question poorly because Charlie's death was sad, even to me, but I wasn't really sad to see him off the show. I think the new poll is closer to what I was curious about. My vote goes to Eko, although Mikhail is a close second.

Back to writing now. *sigh* :(

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memphish said...

I missed the start of the game due to vacation, but I managed to catch up pretty quickly days later. Hopefully you'll get a chance to as well Jay. There are several great summary sites that you can follow and at DarkUFO they are trying to publish a daily summary as well. In addition to DarkUFO you can try oceanic-conspiracies.blogspot.com and docartz.com though careful Doc publishes spoilers sometimes too, though he usually warns you.