Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lost: Access Granted Tidbits

I'm loving my Lost Season 3 DVD, but I was bummed when I found out the Blu-Ray edition included an additional special feature not included on my DVD: Access Granted.

Basically it's Darlton sitting down and answering some long standing questions, several of which we've all speculated on. As it turns out though, DarkUFO has a nice, concise summary of all the info. None of these are really spoilers, just clarifications of things we speculated on or already knew. The best tidbits to me are:

1) Kelvin Inman, Mikhail, Christian Shepherd are officially dead, however "just because you're dead doesn't mean you can't reappear."

Boo! Hiss! Not surprising though. This, to me, says that the Monster probably absorbed their bodies and will assume their shapes at some point.

2) The others do not just get in the submarine and travel off the island. The submarine is only a part of the mechanism that allows the others to travel off the island.

This is interesting, especially given that you seem to need to be unconscious in order to travel back and forth. This has a very Lanogliers feel to it for me: a Stephen King story that deals with time travel (sorta) where only people that were unconscious survived the warp.

3) We haven't seen the last supply drop. How it's being dropped on the island is a mystery. Keep in mind that just because the package had a parachute attached does not mean it was actually "dropped."

Teleportation? Magic boxing?

4) There's only one Richard Alpert. He just has good skin. "Age is all relative on the island."

So much for the immortal Richard Alpert. But is age relative once you leave the island?

5) The Others are responsible for bringing Anthony Cooper to the island. Drugs + Accident = arriving on the island. "There are other nefarious things that The Others are doing in the real world, but we can't tell you about that yet."

Again with the unconsciousness. So I guess Ben was sort of lying when he said they pulled him out of the magic box? And I wonder if it was really all Ben's doing in order to push Locke's buttons, i.e. Jacob didn't order this?

6) The Blast Door map was incredibly accurate. However, there were two spectrums to the map, and we only saw one. The question mark is the Pearl Station, and the various references to the monster and its travel patterns were "pretty definitive."

The question mark is officially the Pearl? I'm a bit disappointed. But there being another layer to the map is very interesting to me, especially since in order to see it, we're really going to have to get a Radzinsky or Kelvin flashback, probably via the monster or some other DHARMA employee (Marvin Candlemudfax).

Some very neat stuff. There's lots more that I didn't talk about too about Walt, the Swan, Room 23 and Henry Gale. Check it out!


capcom said...

Nice comments on the commentary! :o) Well, at least we can count on our buddies to get the Blu-Ray extras out to us.

#1- Boohoo. But we could also see them in other alive islander's FBs.

#2- Good call on the Langoliers aspect.

#3- I'm thinking a sub-surface storage area that shoots it out of sunken missile-type silos. POP! Then they float down to the ground. :-)

#5- Yeah, this is surprising. I'm beginning to think that if Ben is talking to Locke, whatever he says is a lie.

#6- This is the most exciting development of all to me!

Paula Abdul Alhazred said...

I'm a little annoyed too that Blu-Ray people got this feature and us mere humans didn't. I think it's kind of unfair to save what is probably the best special feature for not only a more expensive edition, but also one that requires way more expensive technology. Oh well.

But yeah, all of this info is exciting. I'm glad Dark posted it! Here's my take on some of this:

1. While I was sure Mikhail and Christian were dead, I was hoping Kelvin would still be around. He's such a compelling character (and I LOVE Clancy Brown), so I'd like to see him interacting with everyone in real-time. Guess not.

2. Yeah, I think it's a LOT like "The Langoliers." Essentially, just take THE DARK TOWER, THE STAND, THE MIST and THE LANGOLIERS, throw 'em in a blender and you've got LOST! Okay, not exactly, but I really dig all the similarities. As for travel to and from the island, obviously there is something really big which we're not seeing. I'm guessing it involves this time anomaly thing, like you said.

3. I just made a post about this one on my blog! I'm thinking there is an automated storage system on the island that restocks on its own, and the whole "lockdown" thing is all a song and dance.

4. I think they're still implying that Richard does not age normally. He might not be immortal, but it seems clear it's not a mistake that he didn't seem to age between Ben's flashback and now. (On the commentary for "Man Behind the Curtain," Carlton mentions that the "You do remember birthdays, don't you?" line is a reference to this).

5. I had kind of been assuming that Ben just had the Others go and get Cooper. I don't think this has anything to do with Jacob; instead, it has everything to do with Ben anticipating Locke as a threat to his leadership. I was rewatching "The Man From Tallahassee" last night, and Ben's con seems a lot more obvious in retrospect.

6. I don't even know if my brain could handle the other dimension of the map at this point. Just what could it be? How much more of this island is there?

Jay said...

Random responsive thoughts...

A sub-surface storage area would be hilarious! And I wouldn't be surprised to see another submerged/separate island DHARMA base. Seems like a safe choice for researchers given that giant smoke monster wandering around.

Hmmm... I'll have to check out that birthdays comment too - I haven't gone through all the Easter eggs yet.

While it would make perfect sense for Ben to want Cooper, doesn't it seem odd that Ben would tell him the whole magic box story? Is there even a magic box? Did Ben just tell him that because he didn't want to mention that they brought him here?

And if the magic box is real, did it have anything to do with bringing Cooper to the island? I mean, maybe Ben "asked" the box what he could do to prevent Locke from usurping his position and it told him to go get Cooper.

Oh tricksy Ben! You make it so difficult for us to guess what's happening with your lies! :)

Jay said...

Also - any thoughts on what the "extra layer" to the map is? Could it be a subterranean layer, perhaps?

capcom said...

That's what I'm hoping about the map Jay. Like, maybe, where Rad put the "X" marks to show the tunnels cut off, maybe they actually are not cut off, and that's more like a hash mark to designate the tunnels veering off to another level.

But seriously! TPTB haven't even explained the first map yet! Have a heart TPTB! :-o

Hannah said...

Sweeeet! I saw a LOST promo last night and it said that it's coming back on January 31st. Just wanted to share.

memphish said...

There has to still be a magic box effect on the Island even if A Coop was not the result of it. Ben missed his mom and saw his mom. Walt seems able to tap into the effect as well with the polar bear and contacting Michael. And Locke tapped into it by being able to walk.

Ben's story that it produced A Coop is mere hokkum because why on earth would that be what Locke would want?

Here's a mystery from the Access Granted that I dont' understand--why would Walt use the computer to communicate with Michael since it lead him into a trap? How does that reconcile with Walt screaming in the tent that the Others aren't what they seem and not to trust them? Was it just the case that the Others were able to see the communication as well and lay the trap, or did Walt lead Michael into it?

Jay said...

Thanks Hannah! It's already blocked off in my calendar! :)

As far as Walt goes, Darlton actually mentioned that Walt may not have actually been typing to Michael with his hands. They suggested it may have been a psychic communication (likely while he was under duress).

But regardless, we did see in Expose that Ben intended to use Michael to bring him Jack, Kate and Sawyer so he could have told Walt to type it if he ever wanted to see his Dad again. Or something. :)