Friday, September 7, 2007

The Infinite Aaron Theory of Lost

Now I'm convinced Aaron is really the key to Lost. Immortal. Eternal. With infinite evil doppelgangers all quietly manipulating the Losties from the comfort of his crib. Control the baby, control the world.

No wonder the casting director in charge of Aaron's tiny thespians is so frazzled all the time. Just wait - The Misfit is going to start comparing Aaron face shots any day now. :)


Paula Abdul Alhazred said...

I agree. I think both Aaron and Jacob are the key to the show.

capcom said...

There has got to be more to Aaron soon! So much was made of him and his birth in the first season, it would be just plain bad writing to drop that thread and never visit it again or explain it.

memphish said...

Aaron is definitely related to Jack. He's pulling an Aaron-face. I wonder if a fan has made a montage of them like the one of crazy Jack faces.

Cool_Freeze said...

I have thought that Aaron is the key ever since he was born simply because he was...well...born.


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Cool_Freeze said...

Sry Jay...I am not trying to create a shameless plug by putting that link above..just want to let you all know. Feel free to delete it. =] I would rather not many know of it right away until we have some moderators and have it all set up. :/